Two turbines, a purifier and an osmotic system allow us to generate energy and give back the precious purified liquid to the district

We believe in the value and importance of the circular economy and we are actively working to turn it into reality in our company. Some concrete actions are putting us on the right path and encouraging us to use primary goods responsibly. One such example is water that is not only a source of life, but also one of the fundamental elements linked to the evolution of the Earth. Preserving it is a priority and an urgent matter which we have delegated to… Francis. That is what the two turbines are called with which we transform the energy generated by the water from the Cervo river by 39.5 metre waterfalls. An operation geared towards sustainability with which we create 750 kilowatt per hour of clean energy to use for our activities, thus limiting the impact on the environment.  Our “green water” operation continues throught the use of a purifier which treats and restores it to the area according to protection standards. Lastly, an osmotic system, set up in 2018, allows us to reuse about 40% of it. A commitment which, by allowing us to limit our impact on the ecosystem, demonstrates our desire to be sustainable, expressed also by the installation of solar panels on the roof of our facilities, the use of Green Label machinery and specific certifications.

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