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The tailor-made trend spreads like crazy and digitization gives it a hand, as confirmed by the case of Aldegheri, which offers a customized and made-to-measure knitwear service, fully configurable online.

AldegheriTailored, su misura, adaptè: the trend of creating tailor-made and customized garments takes every latitude by storm, becoming a clear indication of the consumer’s desire for exclusivity. The world of knitwear too answers the call of the market, giving life to a business adopted worldwide by over 120 brands that offer the possibility of creating customized garments. In the era of digitization, the tailor-made service can even enjoy further benefits as confirmed by the case of Aldegheri, which, after having produced knitwear for well-known global luxury brands behind the scenes for a long time, has integrated its manufacturing experience with technology in 2020. The result of this evolution is the creation of bespoke, customized, and configurable sweaters entirely online. ‘The customers who want a tailored garment,’ explained Andrea Giavara, Co-Founder of Aldegheri, ‘just have to access the configurator on our website, select the fabric to create it with, and decide every detail, from the texture to the colour, up to the neck and shoulder type. They will see their sweater materialize and change according to their choices, making sure that it fits their aesthetic taste and their idea of ​​comfort. Still thanks to this platform, which today allows more than 130,000 different combinations, they will also be able to learn more about the different parts that make up a sweater, having a sort of first introduction to our world: for us it is important not only that customers make an informed purchase, but that they learn more and get excited about what lies behind the final product.’ However, not all yarns are the same in Aldegheri’s project, where the tailor-made products feature only yarns made from 100% natural and premium fibres coming only from Italian spinning mills such as Tollegno 1900. ‘Once the pillars of our brand were defined, the choice of Tollegno 1900 and its Harmony was a logical consequence, given some shared principles such as attention to quality and made in Italy. Also, your company, one of the main players in the world textile sector, has a solid experience, an added value that we want to convey to our customers. It is no coincidence that only skilled craftsmen of the sector, often second generation, are involved in our production.’


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