The creative project that makes textile its center and the iconic yarn of Tollegno 1900 one of its interpreters, was created by ARDA-KCWC and exhibited for the first time during Salone del mobile in Milan.

Can yarns contribute for the realization of works of arts? The answer is affirmative as confirmed by the exhibition “Mostratelo”, a creative collective textile project, curated by  ARDA-KCWC with the “curiosity of going beyond the limits of the jacquard technique in the world of knitting”. Arda Akkaya is telling it, the founder and creative director of KCWC – acronym of “Knitted, Crochet, Woven Crafts” – small reality that focuses on the experimentation of various traditional and technological textile techniques with the aim of “creating made-to-order or limited edition products”.   After being presented during the Salone del mobile, Milan, “Mostratelo” will take the road to Tokyo where it will be hosted by an art gallery. “My idea – the designers explains – is however to curate other editions inviting new participants”.

How did your idea for the first edition actually take shape?  

For this first exhibition, professionals with different skills but with a common aesthetic and creative sensibility were invited to interpret a cloth measuring approximately 140×190 cm. After long meetings with each participant, each delivered a design in different techniques and methods, digitally reworked pixel by pixel for an optimized fit on the jacquard knitting machine. The swatches made with merino wools were subsequently felted by hand to compact the stitches and create the tapestry effect. The final result is a versatile art craft in which creativity marries craftsmanship 2.0.

For which reason you decided to work with Harmony ?

There are several reasons, first of all the superior quality of the fibres that, even after an aggressive fulling treatment that I use to create these swatches, they remain always soft to the touch. Not less important also its very wide colour card chart: using only those in stock service you can combine beautiful colour combinations. Last but not least Harmony is supported by a very effective collaborative and punctual commercial service, that makes Tollegno 1900 a certainty.

How did you meet Tollegno 1900?

The first official contact I had was through one of their agents, then I made direct orders. Although the quantities requested were always modest, I always received maximum support. Before becoming a customer, however, I had known the brand when I worked in Milan for a Japanese company as a designer/programmer/operator for the seamless knitwear line that often used your Harmony 2/30 and Sultano 2/48.

In the name of your passion for knitwear, are you working on new projects?

The yarns will always be the main interpreters for a series of ideas I am working on. I would like to introduce the art of textiles in everyday use by creating products that are not only decorative but also functional.




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