Who is the designer of the future and what are his requirements? What professionalism is the fashion world looking for, starting from the knitwear area? Sonia Veroni, CKD Master director will give us some answers.

Sonia Veroni

Those who think that knowing the history of Italy means recounting the dates of the events that, more than others, have marked the evolution of the Country, are faulty. The history of Italy must in fact be declined in different ways: through art, architecture, science, literature, and music it is possible to reconstruct various paths “of national life” which have all contributed to make the Bel Paese a lighthouse, to watch and learn from.  Even fashion, thanks to the creativity of its designers, the skill of its craftsmen, the visionary nature of the stylists, has made school becoming, in the eyes of the world, a melting pot of excellence worthy of being told, exhibited, and retraced from its origins to today.  Modateca Deanna was born with this will: to preserve and enhance the knitwear collections created in the 50 years of activity of Miss Deanna Knitwear, and, at the same time be a reference for the creatives who find one of the “Italian Heritage” kept here.

“Modateca Deanna – explains Sonia Veroni, Director of CKD Master and only CEO of Modateca Deanna – is place of research, where professionals and students from all over the world can learn more about the potential of knitwear, letting themselves be fascinated and inspired with the infinite shades that knitwear can give”. But it is also something else: it is a unique museum where you can read the history of Italy from another angle and a “creative zone” open to the development of partnerships that make the knitwear universe their center of gravity. The collaboration developed with Accademia di Costume e Moda goes in this direction.

From your meeting-confrontation, the “Master in Creative Knitwear Design” took shape, proposing a new concept of training in the field of knitwear.

The goal of CKD Master, aimed at graduated students in Fashion Design and similar, and at professionals at the beginning of their careers, is to offer young fashion designers a complete and highly specialized education in knitwear. The educational path is based on on-site learning, participation in interactive lessons and collaboration with the most innovative and important Italian spinning and knitwear companies, as well as the technical support of highly specialized workshops in finishing and embellishment. Thanks to this training process, “attention and ethics” typical of the great experience of the past merge with “technology and innovation “ of the present, providing students with the opportunity to build solid foundations for their professionalism.

It is on the basis of this shared vision that Modateca Deanna met Tollegno 1900.

We strongly wanted to include your company among our partners, one of the most important international spinning mills, to give our students the opportunity to learn about your history, understand the philosophy that defines you and at the same time allow them to experiment with Tollegno 1900 wool yarns, whose quality is also recognized for innovation and sustainability. Our members, entering directly in the company, can understand in person the production processes that lead to the creation of a yarn and, subsequently, select those to be used for their knitwear capsule collection. I nostri iscritti, entrando direttamente in azienda, possono capire in prima persona i processi produttivi che portano alla creazione di un filato e, successivamente, selezionare quelli da usare per la loro knitwear capsule collection. These collections, produced in synergy with some of the most prestigious Italian knitwear factories, are then showed every year during an exclusive event organized with Pitti Immagine.

The clear goal: to train the designer of the future in a way that responds to the real demand of the market. What do companies in the fashion sector ask today in terms of professionalism?

If being constantly update on the latest trends and knowing the history of fashion and its references are the premises, the technical expertise in knitwear and the ability to create innovation using the potential of yarns and raw materials, combining them with the most updated technologies, are great opportunities.  But the demand of the companies are also other: they are looking for young people who have a solid preparation, the ability to express themselves correctly both in creative and technical terms, are able to work in team, have awareness of volumes and proportions so as to masterfully translate them through the drawing.

As if to say: the future opens its doors to those who are competent but always hungry for improvement:

The designer of the future, if we want to call him that, is a person who is fully prepared, a creative aware and respectful of the planet’s resources, with clear ideas not only about the style he wants to propose, but also very aware of the message he wants to give to the community.  The next few years will be very interesting for those who have approached this sector, because the possibilities of contamination will not be lacking: on the one hand experimentation and innovation thanks to new technologies and materials, on the other  the return to tradition and the “true meaning “ of things. Passion and desire will remain unchanged and they will bring a new message of fun and daring.

Space, therefore, to new projects that lead to raising one’s bar and confronting with stimulating challenges. Does the Master also walk this trend?

Innovation, keeping the bar straight with respect to what is happening around, is our rule. For the academic year starting from February 2021, for example, we have planned several creative and stimulating “industry” projects, with some of the most successful Italian Brands. Initiatives that add to the invaluable and consolidated collaboration with Max Mara Fashion Group, by our side since the beginning of this very happy journey.



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