The publication, in three issues, is divided into a series of tables and models that represent the succession of fashions starting from 1880

Retracing Italian history through yarns and fabrics allows to read the events that have defined Italy from another angle, full of charm and suggestion: with this aim, in addition to the Notebooks of the Historical Archive, the illustrated Campionario have been created. It is the natural extension of a project that combines culture & fashion starting from the direct experience of Tollegno 1900. The publication, divided into three issues, traces the evolution of the fabric of Tollegno 1900 through art. The result is a charming overview resulting from a series of “tables” that enhance the excellence of fabrics and the long history of the company, joined together by “models” that represent the changing succession of fashion, decade after decade. If the first issue tells about fashion from 1880 to 1939, the second focuses on the 1940-1980 period. On the cover appears one of the works of Lucia Biagi, a young artist who creates knitted objects and, in honor of Tollegno 1900, gave life to an Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter, a symbol of the modernity of the period covered by the publication in which other scrolls flow artistic images created by the illustrator Gabriele Bollassa, curator of the two volumes together with Acta Progetti.

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