In the name of sustainability, traceability, and social responsibility Tollegno 1900 marries the NATIVA project. More than a certification, a way of interpreting the world of wool.

Preserving the context in which it is inserted, offering a real guarantee to the customer of the traceability and sustainability of its products, taking care of the habitat in its entirety are part of the creed of Tollegno 1900 which, to keep faith with these values, is always active to acquire certifications attesting its commitment.  NATIVA goes in this direction, “a brand based on a protocol that ensures sustainability, traceability, animal welfare, social responsibility in relation to wool”. A guarantee not only for the final consumer, but for the entire supply chain. “Our project took shape from these premises – explains Alberto Rossi, Business Development Manager at Chargeurs Luxury Material, with focus on NATIVA – which was born on the basis of a concrete analysis of the market and the needs of the various players in the world of wool”.

Needs to speak the language of increasingly customized and specific solutions with respect to the needs of each company…

It is exactly like that. Precisely to give a valuable answer to an increasingly precise question regarding the transparency and traceability of wool, NATIVA has developed, which gives voice to the need of companies or brands to be able to count on a non-standard or pre-packaged service, but “on measure

Who are the players called into the game and in what role?

All actors of the supply chain are involved and by joining they can demonstrate their strong commitment to transparency, sustainability and responsibility. But above all they demonstrate compliance with the new standards expected by the consumers.

Is this the added value given by Nativa to the companies?

We have structured the NATIVA offer with a very clear purpose: to provide “unique selling points” to companies and, consequently, to brands. For this we have activated a virtuous circle which is made up of a series of elements of value: global sourcing NATIVA wool; direct contact with each farm; creation of a two-way network of contacts between companies and brands; traceability through blockchain; dedicated communication & marketing support and calculation of the carbon footprint of each of our combing mill.

Pluses that concur to meet the new demands of the market. What is the consumer asking to a wool product?  

The consumer is increasingly prepared and has clear idea about what he is looking for. He knows what he is willing to compromise on and what he does not backdown. Sustainability, transparency, and performance are musts.

Musts that he wants to see concretely declined, especially when it comes to sustainability …

In this, however, wool really teaches us. In fact, as a fiber it is in itself sustainable thanks to the innumerable qualities provided by mother nature: 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and easily recyclable.

What about transparency and performance?

The consumer has learned to ask not only “how”, but also “where” a product is made and NATIVA is the answer to this right request for clarity. For the more performing factor, on the other hand, it is necessary to refer to the know-how and experience of the companies.

Sustainability, traceability, animal welfare, social responsibility: compared to your privileged observatory, what is the state of art of Italian companies?

Sustainable environmental impact, animal welfare, consumption of exhaustible resources, such as water, the condition of workers and human rights, the ability to recycle, will be the pillars on which the game will be “played” in the future.








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