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She used Harmony yarn to give life to her creation for Feel the Yarn 2017, an initiative that brought her luck by opening the doors to the world of work. What is her pride? The experience from Stella McCartney

She lives in Paris where she works as a stylist making her sustainable vision a bulwark and her personal commitment to defending causes in which she feels recognized as a diktat. Specialized in design and knitwear, Giorgia Medici is linked to Tollegno 1900 by a common “first time”. “I met the company during my fashion and knitwear design studies at the Politecnico of Milan. I was lucky enough to be selected as a participant for the Feel The Yarn competition on the occasion of the 2017 edition of Pitti Filati and Tollegno 1900, at its beginnings in this initiative, was the partner of my exhibition project providing me with all the yarns necessary for its realization”.

How was your participation in “Feel the Yarn” born?

It was January 2017 and all the students of my course had been given the opportunity to present their knitwear collection to a jury: the two most suitable projects for the occasion would have been created to be presented at the Feel The Yarn competition during the month of June at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. My project was among them.

An important experience that one you lived, what did it teach you?

Feel The Yarn is comparable to a 360-degree journey, because it involves the participants both from the point of view of personal research and relational, having to interface with other companions. These experience taught me a lot, because in addition to making me understand how to concretely implement a knitwear project, it also helped me to understand how to promote it and communicate it to the public in the correct way. At the same time it allowed me to observe the world of knit from different points of view, deepening its infinite interpretations.

Was the participation in Feel the Yarn a stimulus to your career?

Absolutely yes. During the event, the number of people that you can meet is high as the contacts that you can open. It was on that occasion that I met my first employer: the owner of a renowned knitwear factory in the Verona area. After becoming interested in my project, he offered me an internship in his company that I started immediately after graduation.

Tollegno 1900 was the partner of your project: did you know us?

It may seem funny but I only connected Tollegno 1900 to Lana Gatto: coming into contact with the company, I immediately realized how reductive this vision was. Our first approach took place remotely and coincided with the reception of the Harmony yarn range that you sent me: I still remember how many hours I spent choosing the exact shades I wanted to include in my project! Subsequently, I came to Biella for a visit that immediately conveyed to me the authenticity of Italian companies for human hospitality and craftsmanship.

After Feel the Yarn and following your first experience in the Veronese knitwear factory, it was a growing of experiences. Does Stella McCartney tell you anything?

She tells me a lot! Working at Stella McCartney in the field of knitwear and jersey product development made me more aware of what it meant to design for the industry. I was very impressed by the ability that this company has to succeed in establishing itself as a luxury brand, putting environmental and animal respect first. A value that I share and that played a fundamental role in making me live this experience.

What is your ambition for the future?

In my future I don’t want to miss creativity and sustainability. I am still looking for this balance in the fashion industry which, despite the undeniable progress made, I believe still lacks a lot of carelessness towards its human and environmental impact. In terms of planning I want to be open to the many roads that will open up in front of me, without focusing too much on a closed and linear path. My will is to act with “experimentation”, without being afraid of error and change. As knitwear has always taught me, it is often from there that the most beautiful things are born.

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