The Historical Archive of Tollegno is not just a series of documents, but a library to browse to also find inspiration and creative ideas for new collections

The value of Tollegno 1900’s Historical Archive is not only to document the past and development of Tollegno 1900, but also to provide inspiration to designers, artists, and stylists, who, by browsing it, may find useful cues to ignite their creativity. In addition to documents and fabrics, the Historical Archive can also count on a large collection of fashion magazines that can be browsed to look for clothes made over the last century with the fabrics of the company. ‘For the 60s, for example, we could compare the fabrics in the sample collections of those years with the models proposed by the magazine “è di moda”, which had entrusted the great Lombard stylist and illustrator Alberto Lattuada with the task of drawing the lines in vogue for the seasons. His unmistakable style,’ said Marinella Bianco of Acta Progetti, who curated the series ‘Quaderni dell’archivio storico di Tollegno 1900’ (published by Niniqa), ‘guides us to explore the trends of the years 1962-63.’ We found out that for spring-summer the lines were simple and casual but with a touch of refinement – as underlined, for example, by the details of the bolero with fringes, ed. – the colours were bright in the shades of red and green, and the fabrics were very fine: wool crepe, tricotine, etamine. ‘Autumn-winter instead unveiled a sumptuous elegance shown both through refined yet bold colours led by raspberry red and blue, mustard and black, and through the use of soft, airy, openworked, textured wool.’ A journey through style, an itinerary through fashion, but most importantly, a tour through Italian custom.

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