Sales Director of Tollegno 1900 for Japan believes in the value of tradition to give solidity to a company, but focuses on innovation to ensure its growth

How did you get in touch with Tollegno 1900?

I was an agent at division of Daidoh Limited, which is one of well-known worsted spinners and textile manufactures in Japan, dealing several Italian yarn manufacturers including Tollegno 1900. In 1999, Mr. Ermanno Germanetti, ex CEO of Tollegno 1900, expressed intention to open own branch office in my Country and I was appointed as a representative with experiences  of dealing Tollegno 1900 yarn.

What are the strengths of the company in your opinion?

With a history of over 100 years, not only quality stability and spinning know-how cultivated in tradition, but also efforts trying new developments every season at the front line of the market.  This gives customers big sense of security and trust.

How is Tollegno 1900 considered in your country and what is appreciated?

Tollegno 1900 is recognized as one of the longest established spinning companies in Italy – Biella, as Merino wool supplier. Tollegno 1900 is appreciated with its compliance of business attitude, such as keeping contacts and promises, besides stability of quality, delivery reliability and quick and sincere responses to any kinds of requests from our buyers.

Is there a yarn that represents it more than others?

Definitely our Merino iconic: Harmony. Due to the selection of Italian spinners in past decade, we now have a stronger  presence as one of the most reliable merino suppliers also interested in experimenting. This is confirmed by our high-tech yarn Harmony 4.0 which with its 4 features is getting good reactions among consumers looking for a product suitable for more technical garments.

Why is it important to have an operational headquarters also in your country?

Specially in Japan the first element is language. There are still few customers in Japan who can easily communicate in English. It is important to have the possibility to give correct explanation on materials and services in Japanese. In addition, to have branch office in our own country decrease anxieties on our customers to buy overseas products, with all our promotion and helps to react to buyers’ questions and problems, if any in the shortest time.

Has the pandemic changed the approach of customers?

Self-restraint regulations have considerably limited usual business meeting and negotiations. We must increase opportunity of lending our collections and make more phone meeting. Remote presentations are not very much appreciated because in our market customers have to see and touch materials so we always prefer to send real materials to buyers, this way customers can feel and touch our yarns.

Based on your experience, what is important to customers right now?

Covid-19 has create difficulties and the market is now suffering for sales decrease. However, good materials of garments and good clothes are always most important elements especially at very mature textile market like Japan. Customers always look for new information and good products. The most important thing is not to stop and always to continue to propose new developments to meet customers and market needs.

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