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Student of Fashion and Knit Design at the Design School of the Politecnico of Milano, the young creative of knitwear has been combined with Tollegno 1900 for the 2022 edition of Feel The Contest

“I love the possibility of experimenting with knitwear, always reaching new and sometimes unexpected processes. Starting from the yarn to create a finished garment, passing through the elaboration of the creative idea and the technical project is truly gratifying”. This is how Kristina Monique Navarro, Student of Fashion and Knit Design at the Design School of the Politecnico of Milano who will use Tollegno 1900 yarns during Feel The Contest 2022, explains her passion for the world of Knitwear.

“I decided to participate in the Contest – continues the designer – to get involved. I I believe it is an opportunity for professional and personal growth because it implies the development of one’s own project and its implementation, requiring creativity, technical knowledge, commitment and responsibility”. These factors have always animated the evolution of Tollegno 1900 which, also for this edition, has decided to take part in the initiative organized by Feel The Yarn for the purposes that animate it.

“Feel The Contest makes possible to shorten the distance between the world of school and work, creating interesting contaminations not only for young designers, but also for companies. We have supplied Kristina Monique with our iconic Harmony yarn that she will use for its creation, exhibited at Pitti Immagine Filati at the end of June. A sincere good luck to this creative who took inspiration from the marine world for her project” explain from Tollegno 1900.

Kristine, you were inspired by the sea for the creation that you will present at Feel The Contest …

Exactly. For the competition I was inspired by the aquatic life of marine creatures, developing textures to blend in or living in symbiosis with other species. This vision, however, does not only concern the garments, but also wants to focus on the pollution of our seas, whose ecosystem is fundamental for ecological balance. Mutualism, adaptation and tactility are the keywords that guide my project which, evoking underwater life, proposes it as a reading key for a sustainable attitude.

Between ethics, awareness and fashion, which Tollegno 1900 yarn did you choose to give shape to your project?

I focused on the Harmony 100% extrafine merino wool yarn mainly for its immediately distinguishable soft touch, as well as for its characteristics that comply with the need for sustainability, being natural.

Sustainability which is one of the bastions of Tollegno 1900, as confirmed by its choices not only in terms of production, but also of certification and types of yarns.

I strongly share the principles of the company, which I knew even before taking part in the Contest, being present with several of its fortresses also in the university laboratory. I immediately understood that Tollegno 1900 produced fine and superior quality yarns that would have lent themselves perfectly to my creations. This idea has been confirmed by the material provided for my project.

Can you give us some anticipation of your projects?

My inspiration led me to develop compact processes such as multicolor jacquard in contrast with other more delicate and three-dimensional ones such as openwork and suspensions. The first one allows to use small packages of different colors otherwise unusable, the second ones are perfect for highlighting and making the most of the qualities of the material. From a sustainable perspective, these two things are fundamental.


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